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Our Telecom Decommissioning and  Site Demolitions 

It is a matter of time when a telecom service will no longer operate from a particular location due to changes in the network. We know that the the old 3G site’s equipment is outdated and it will need to be upgraded  from the ground up.  The expansion to the 5G network is now on the move and a need for a rip and replace solution is needed. We can help.

RL2 LLC  can also provide telecom decommissioning  and decommissioning of existing sites.

Our Decommissioning and Site Demolitions 

While every telecom communication shelter is a little different, the basic process remains the same.

  • We make certain that there are no other legal claims to the site before we proceed. If third parties are using the site, we work within the law and give proper notice of termination before we begin telecom  decommissioning services.

  • Next, we recover all branded equipment, when possible. We can either return the equipment to you or handle disposal — the decision is yours.

  • Next step is to decommission radio and microwave-based equipment. This is one of the most involved steps, but we complete it carefully and safely. Then, we manage the entire process of disconnecting power supply to the site.

  • If applicable- Next, prepare for the communication shelter removal to including all electrical equipment and wiring. Circuits are tested and can be kept for re-use if you so desire.

  • Finally, we take care of dismantling of steelworks or site demolition. This may be a full-demo job or a selective demolition project, depending on the location of the telecom facility. We will work to make sure to complete the project safely and to have as little of an impact on surrounding structures as possible.

 Our Services listed Includes: 

·         Cell Tower Removal

·         Communication Shelter Removal

·         Asset Disposal

·         Site Remediation

·         Light and Antenna Removal

·         Asset tracking

·         R2 Standard for Responsible Recycling

·         Internal Equipment Removal

·         Battery Disposal