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RF Consulting Services

Enterprise Services 

We provide professional services to private and public companies for all RF base technologies to include 5G.  RL2LLC can assist in selecting the right systems to serve your needs or we can review any third party designs and system plan layouts to help you deploy any system to ensure completion and performance as designed. 

We can also help you select the right RF solutions for your companies Network needs.

  • Wi-Fi Design and Instillation.
  • Cellular Coverage Solutions. 
  • Public Safety Coverage Solutions.
  • Pre and Post RF Data collections and analyzing.
  • Provide Acceptance Package for WSP approvals.
  • Select the right systems to serve your needs. 

Wireless Cellular Provider 

RL2LLC is a full one stop shop for resources  for all the Major Cellular providers. We have Designed Coverage Solutions, deployed networks, as well as, maintained and repaired all types of RF Base systems. We also manage projects whether we designed the network or not.

  • Distribution Antenna System (DAS).
  • Distribution Radio Antenna Networks​ (DRAN).
  • Enterprise Radio Antenna Networks.
  • Central/Cloud Radio Antenna Networks (CRAN).
  • Small Cell (SMC).
  • Shelter Build-outs Rip and Replace.  
  • Network /INB/BTS/5G.
  • Repair Indoor & Outdoor Network systems.
  • DAS and MACRO RF Interference Finder.

Public Safety 

Custom solutions for complete, seamless coverage of public safety radio systems. We have deployed IFC 510 and NFPA 72 compliant public safety in-building radio systems in the following bands: VHF, UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz.

  • SMA/PS P25 P1/P2.
  • AT&T FirstNet LTE Band14 Radios & VZW PS.
  • Battery Backup Systems.
  • Design and Provide Acceptance Package.

We work closely and in tandem with many A&E and GC Firms