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Introduction to RL2 ´╗┐LLC.

Introduction to RL2 LLC 

The staff at RL2 has over 20 years of WSP and Enterprise signal coverage designs and installation experience.  Combined they have engineered and built over 600 In-building DAS and INB deployment of Wireless Networks in Public Safety, WSP Networks and Wi-Fi.

RL Cellular was incorporated in 1999 in Raleigh, NC and in 2019 has now been rebranded as RL2LLC. With offices in Nevada and North Carolina, we have a wonderful team of CG, EC, A&E, RF Engineers, IBWAVE Designers, System consultants (Project Managers) and Construction Managers.

We can provide a turnkey service for design and installation of projects.  Likewise, we can provide third-party support and direct services to WSP networks, which includes Network Interface and Data Collection.  Our third-party Support team can help enhance your networks by managing or designing and deploying SMC, DAS, BTS an PS for all the major Wireless Service Providers and Public Safety Networks.  

We have over two decades of experience and have been considered by most to be experts in all wireless coverage solutions which include DC power plant, RRUs, 6202,6601,6630+ installations and wiring.

We know the technology better than anyone. We will use the knowledge collected over time to ensure that your projects get delivered on time, on budget and without a hitch.