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Enterprise Radio Antenna Networks   (E-RAN)

5G is the future and the future is here now!!

5G  works on the LTE platform technology that brings the world of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Devices together like the instruments in a symphony to create music that we all enjoy. 

5G LTE brings many frequencies together and many networks like the instrument in a symphony.

Many Smart Devices communicate through multiple technology and networks to insure the connectivity. This is possible because the WSP have increased their Bandwidth and Throughput by adding other frequencies and using their normal licensed cellular Bands together with unlicensed frequencies Bands to increase the Throughput from a MIMO 60 Mbps on 4G LTE to exceeding 2 Gbps on 5G LTE

Smart Devises are not just your Cellular Phones and Tablets. 

Other Smart Devices in used and development today are:

  • Utilities on providing Smart Grids
  • Utility Management 
  • Water Quality 
  • Smart Cars - Car to Car communications 
  • Traffic control and management 
  • Smart Homes- Smart Garage doors, Smart Home Appliances and security cameras and sensors  

As you know their is an app for everything and 5G LTE will support it all. 

Take a look at the 5G Architecture illustration below for more details on the layout and possibilities.

Also click on the YouTube button below for a video on 5G provided by Digital Trends